Amstad Produce only produces potatoes for the fresh market focusing on supermarkets and restaurants in North and South America, Asia, and Europe

Norkotah Russets

Harvested in mid-summer, this is an early, fresh market russet that has a long or oblong shape and boasts heavy russet skin with white flesh. This potato is a great choice for boiling or baking.

Yukon Golds

Yukon Golds are oval to round shaped with buff skin and light yellow flesh. Harvested in the fall, these fresh potatoes have a rich, buttery flavor that is ideal for boiling and baking.

Chieftain Reds

These mid-season potatoes have a smooth, coppery-red skin and creamy white flesh. They have thin skin and few eyes and are deli- cious when served “new” with the skin on.

Ciklamen Reds

These small-to-medium, mid- to late-season red potatoes are oval/oblong shaped with bright red skin and creamy white flesh. This starchy variety is wonderful for roasting.

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