Every potato starts with a seed potato, and most seed we use comes from Culver, Oregon, where DeeAnn Amstad’s brother, Jim Carlson, runs a farm that grows certified seed potatoes of the highest quality, keeping varieties pure and standards high.

Seed potatoes are grown in isolated fertile soil and planted on the family-owned farms in Hermiston and Sherwood, Oregon. Brothers Jeff Urbach and Skeeter Amstad and cousin Todd Dimbat head up the farming operations and oversee growth and harvest of the crops.

At harvest time, potatoes are sorted and stored in company-owned facilities before being packaged onsite and delivered to distributors on Amstad Produce’s trucks. It’s our way of ensuring that each and every potato meets our standards for color, size, shape, and quality.

“In one year alone, Amstad donated over 860,000 pounds of potatoes to Farmers Ending Hunger.”

From Seed to Table

At Amstad Farms, we are passionate about exceeding our customers expectations every day. For more than 50 years, our family has been an industry leader, growing the highest quality, freshest potatoes in the marketplace. We do that by keeping all operations within the family – from harvesting our own seed source to offering distribution of our potatoes.

By handling all of our operations “in house,” we control the environment in which our potatoes are handled from seed to table. This can only be done with committed employees who believe in our mission and values. We invest in our employees and their futures. Many of our employees are second generation employees and become part of our “farm family”. Each employee is empowered to uphold the sustainable farming and business practices that have made Amstad Produce thrive.