Potato farming isn’t just a way of life for the Amstad family – it’s our passion. With more than 50 years of crops under our belts, our family-run business knows potatoes and prides itself on growing the highest quality, fresh Norkotah Russet, red and yellow variety potatoes.

With 6,000 acres of farmland in Hermiston and Sherwood, Oregon, we strategically employ crop rotations while producing 132 million pounds of potatoes each year, serving both domestic and international customers in Europe, Asia, Russia and Mexico. Customers expect and deserve the freshest, healthiest potatoes possible so each and every member of the Amstad Produce team is a steward of the environment. And stewardship isn’t just a catch phrase for the Amstads – it’s been our way of farming for generations. It’s a commitment to sustaining rich, fertile soil, clean water and fresh air – the ingredients for quality potatoes.